Kitchen Cutting Board

A cutting board is not the most sexiest Item in your kitchen but…..

A cutting board is mostly the very last item you will buy for your kitchen but a cutting board will not only protect your knife but also the personal health for you and your Family.

For example you cut a fresh chicken, immediately after you cut vegetables on the same cutting board, without washing first ! You will take a huge risk for Salmonella contamination. If you have only one cutting board please clean your board extremely good before you will use it for an other job. Cross-contamination is also what happens when bacteria are transferred from one food to another, often via unwashed cutting boards.

Pro’s are using the guideline of HACCP which means: Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points. what does that mean for us as semi- pro’s: use colored cutting boards. I use Green for vegetables, Red for raw meat and Yellow for poultry. For bread you can use a wooden cutting board. Of corse you are free to choose any color you like as long as you stay consistent.

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Wooden Cutting board !

picture of a wooden kitchen cutting board.

picture of a wooden kitchen cutting board.
picture of a wooden kitchen cutting board.


  • Wooden cutting boards are a real classic. 
  • Wide variety of nice and fashionable boards
  • The surface of these boards in non-slip, which is not only comfortable, but safe as well.
  • Boards made of high quality, durable wood.
  • Wood has antibacterial properties.
  • Wood does not damage knives’ blades


  • It is easily damaged.
  • low resistance to high temperatures.
  • Absorbs odors and usually does not last long.
  • Get stained when cutting some colored vegetables and fruits.
  • Once damaged, juice from meat, fruit or vegetables can penetrate into the board.
  • Cuts and scratches from knifes cause an uneven cutting surface, allow for bacteria and water to enter the board.

Conclusion !

Viewed from a hygiene point of view I would say go for the colored cutting boards. However I can understand that during a party, entering the dinning room with a just finished superb roasted beef on a plastic brown cutting board, is not very romantic.

For this kind of occasions I have a wooden cutting board made from Maple with deep juice channel. When cutting my perfect roasted beef I am sure that the table will stay clean…

If you are in for wooden cutting boards, choose for Maple or Beech. Bamboo is hard as solid wood. They are inexpensive but wear out rather quickly.


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