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all about Dutch Oven

Did you know that the Dutch Oven goes back to the 17th century.Read the amazing history and have a sneak preview for the new Dutch Oven.

Oval Dutch Oven red

what is the best Japanese knife?

Looking for the Best Japanese Chef Knives you will find two main categories. The Traditional style Japanese knives and the Western style Japanese knives

Japanese food secrets

Did you know that the Japanese food is based on the rules of five. Traditional Japanese cooking, or washoku, emphasizes variety and balance. Washoku means ” the harmony of food”

japanese waitress in restaurant

what is the best chef knife?

A good Chef’s Knife is indispensable for all cutting tasks, from precision work, such as mincing a shallot to heavy-duty jobs, like breaking down a butternut squash

what is the best kitchen knife set for you?

To have a complete knife set, you will need a maximum of 5 knives and 1 kitchen shear. Having those 5 items you are top equipped and ready for every job in the kitchen.

Best Kitchen Knives

xThe best Kitchen Knives reviews are always subjective and mine is based on my own experiences. I will add more kitchen knives reviews in the near future.

Kitchen cutting boards

A cutting board is not the most sexiest Item in your kitchen but…..

How to store my kitchen knives set safely



where and how will I dispose all the Kitchen knifes. What are the possibilities and for me the best option?. There are many solutions and I will help you to make the choose what suits you the most.

kitchen knife sharpening

Having the most beautiful Kitchen knife set but without maintenance, the effectiveness and the pleasure will disappear therefore kitchen knife sharpening information will help you to choose the best sharpening tool.

Keep your kitchen safe from Salmonella

What is Salmonella contamination, how does a Salmonella infection occur, and how can we prevent.

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